Community Issues

Roads and Traffic

A common consensus from every resident is how bad the roads are throughout the City. The whole system is designed on a reporting basis and so I would work at improving that system so that it’s more proactive and people see a faster response.

Traffic and traffic calming is a concern to Alta Vista residents. If elected, my office would continue to work with residents to address ongoing concerns and implement traffic calming measures that provide the best outcome.

Affordable Housing

We need deeply affordable housing for those seniors on low incomes, and people and families living near the poverty line. We must work with builders and use tools like inclusionary zoning to ensure affordable and deeply affordable units exist in our market. Lobby provincial and federal partners to allocate funding to create affordable housing units within the ward and City of Ottawa. The Province has created the “Affordable Housing Task Force,” so let’s work with that body to ensure that the proper resources are being put into the ward and the City of Ottawa where the need is apparent. Make sure the affordable housing crisis is tackled with a needs-based approach. Look at all the other needs and marginalization across the ward and find solutions.

Parks and Recreation

Ageing infrastructure as seen in Alta Vista Ward is all too common. Our parks and recreational facilities have not kept pace with the renovations and updates other wards have received. I would ensure that our infrastructure is brought into the 21st century and brings forward environmental and economic policies which would have a spin off in that our communities are deemed safer.
Our tree canopy needs to be expanded in Alta Vista as we have lost many, many trees during natural disasters such as the derecho and tornados we’ve seen occur in the past 5 years.


There is no doubt that confidence in the LRT system has been broken and there is an ongoing investigation so wait for the Commission to table their results. Based on those recommendations, the new Council can decide to enact those solutions. It takes time to rebuild trust and confidence but I plan to take immediate action to restore that trust. I am prepared to work collaboratively at Council because people want a transit system that works (reliability) and they want it now.
Improve transit routes within the ward.

Crime and Community Safety

Residents feel that crime is increasing in the ward. I would work with the police and front line organizations such as South East Ottawa Community Health Center (SEOCHC) who are already in the community doing good work.
I would also help rebuild the trust between first responders and the community.


The City should continue to strive to be a leader to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach through our Climate Change Master Plan.
Start with small changes at the ward level and bigger ones City wide.
Any new decisions on commercial fleets should aim for electric or alternatives to gas/diesel. I think more EV charging stations are needed throughout the City to help promote people’s future decisions on buying EV autos or hybrids versus sticking with gas powered autos.
Work with other partners and leverage their current commitments to add to the City’s tree canopy and so that the City doesn’t have to absorb those costs ourselves.

Planning and Development

I agree that current negotiations with developers are out of balance and so we need to ensure that the City has a strong position when facing new developments. Have proper and fulsome public consultations. A strong Councillor is needed to advocate and defend on site plan proposals so that residents’ concerns are heard and that a balance, compromise or concessions can be achieved. New developments should be required to have multi purpose uses such as greenspace, commercial, residential functions incorporated into every build.