Alta Vista needs a strong Councillor who will listen and always represent the views of residents on Council.  Citizens need a strong Councillor who cares for the community and who will work hard to strengthen services that will help improve quality of life.  Your Councillor should help you navigate City Hall, find answers to your questions, and solutions to your challenges. I will be that Councillor for Alta Vista Ward. 

I am continuously talking to residents, listening to their concerns and identifying possible solutions.  I have pursued this passionately through my professional career and my many volunteer roles in the community.  These many conversations have formed the basis of my vision for a safe, prosperous, and thriving community.

In recent months I have knocked on thousands of doors.  The concerns I regularly hear are: 

• Safe streets
• Traffic calming
• The state of our roads
• The climate emergency
• Safeguarding and expanding our tree canopy
• Development and intensification pressures
• Neighbourhood crime
• Fiscal responsibility
• Transit

I want to see Ottawa remain a beautiful, vibrant city.  I see real opportunities to boost tourism, attract unique events and take creative new approaches.

I want to work to revitalize Alta Vista’s aging recreational infrastructure for our seniors, youth, children and the community at large to enjoy. New investments will be needed to expand and improve what we already have.  We need to reimagine how we use our centres and community hubs and I am prepared to lead those efforts. 

We can build on wonderful new ward additions such as the Rideau Winter Trail and expand it for residents and provide even easier access to the trail within the ward at minimal cost.

I will pursue innovative urban planning approaches and advocate and defend community needs through all stages of a project proposal to ensure community interests are always put first.

I will work to improve our cycling and transit infrastructure to reduce our carbon footprint while acknowledging the winter challenges we face. I will actively help tackle the climate emergency and champion increasing our tree canopy, energy retrofits, and recycling and waste reduction initiatives. I will push for investments in road repairs, balance the needs of drivers and cyclists, and advocate for solutions that put safety first.

Council needs to rebuild trust in our transit systems. I will work hard to ensure our residents benefit from a reliable and well functioning transit system.  

I will safeguard our essential services and advocate for our hard working first responders.

Carolyn Kropp for Alta Vista Ward 18
Carolyn Kropp for Alta Vista – Ward 18

I will continue to work with frontline organizations and individuals to find solutions to the root causes of our City’s problems and find ways to sustain progress.  For example, I will champion new funding for innovative and progressive policies to ensure better access to affordable housing, including renovating and expanding our social housing stock while reducing the long Registry waitlist.

My dedication to serving the community, the use of my leadership skills to foster teamwork and partnerships and my experience knowing how to run a community office speaks volumes. I already engage with stakeholders, community associations and work collaboratively with different levels of government on a daily basis. I know this is essential to achieving real results.

I will always be honest and transparent with you.  I know that problems are much easier to identify than solutions.  You can count on me to work with you to identify a path forward and find solutions that strengthen our community.

I will ensure that all residents are heard.  As your Councillor, I will always be there to listen, respect all voices and views, and act in the best interests of Alta Vista Ward at all times.

I care deeply about our community, the community I was born and raised in and continue to raise my family in. I have volunteered and worked in the community for over 20 years. Alta Vista deserves a Councillor who knows its past and can see its future and is willing to work hard and collaboratively in the present to get us there.

I would be honoured to serve the residents of Alta Vista ward.